Mastering 3D Printing Articles
Using NetFabb basic to make downloaded thingiverse models printable
If you have downloaded a model from it should just work! We agree! Sadly, thingiverse does not test the model for printability. However, all is not lost, we have made instructions on how to fix this, so please follow along with this... Read More
Printing Google Sketchup STL files
We love Google Sketchup because it is so easy to use. Search the extention database for "stl" or click here Install the extension.   Make sure to save the model in units of millimeter, not... Read More
3D Design and STL File Manipulation Software
3D Design Software Software License Experience Level Website Autodesk 123D Freeware Beginner OpenSCAD GNU GPL Amateur FreeCAD GNU LGPL Amateur Seamless3D MIT... Read More
Backlash setting guide (How to make more perfect circles)