Getting Started Articles
Safety / Certification
M3D is a high volume american manufacturer of 3D Printers and all ofits operations are based in (Fulton, MD).  We provide 3D printers sothat a wide range of end users (consumers, professional, andcommercial) may experience this new technology... Read More
ABS-R Filament Profile
Loading ABS-R filament 1. Click 3D Ink button and enter ABS for the filament profile type 2. Select any filament color 3. After the following the prompts and filament is loaded, click the little gear button in the filament pop up window to access the... Read More
Printer Axes and Move/Scale/Rotate GUI Icons
Description "Move, Scale, and Rotate," icons are located on the left hand side of the print page. Each of these icons have arrows that you can click to manipulate an object. The axes are assigned as follows: X-axis to the left and right... Read More
How To Guide: Removing and replacing the print bed
To remove: Simply push the front portion of your print bed forwards to free the two front tabs from the front slots Lift from the front to clear the print bed from the slots Pull backward to remove the back edge of the print bed To replace: ... Read More
Install Software
Download and Install the M3D Software A USB connection is required in order for the Micro to receive instructions. Windows Users The M3D software is supported on Windows 7 or higher. Install the M3D software on your PC with the following steps: ... Read More
Receiving your Micro 3D Printer
Description of Problem Please watch the Unboxing Youtube Video. The Gantry Clips (also known as front gantry protectors) are printed with each Micro to determine printing performance and print quality. Then these gantry clips are then used to... Read More
M3D Quick Start Guide
Here is the English version of the M3D Quick Start Guide.  Read More
Removing 3D printed objects
Are you frustrated with prints not coming off of the raft? So are we! Below, we have presented different options to be able to help you remove prints.   Option 1: Scrape prints off of the print surface Various scraper tools can be used to wedge... Read More
Clicking Print
To view more print options, click "Print", then click "More Options..." to modify more print options like wave bonding and support material. Below, we have listed some general information about these settings and features.      Printer: Displays... Read More
Loading and Unloading 3D Ink
Description of M3D 3D Ink Filaments We've really seen PLA become the workhorse for The Micro, and very strongly recommend this material for first time users. The reasons include a subtle but nice molasses smell, really capable of printing large... Read More