Product Articles
Non-Heated Print Bed
The Micro is unique and can stand as its own technology in terms of preventing warping- not requiring a heated print bed as well as providing auto-leveling. As many factors can result in warping the object other than keeping the print bed hot, such... Read More
Comparing The Micro to Other 3D Printers
The Micro 3D Printer became the most popular consumer 3D printer for many reasons. We did not create a cartridge system - instead we encouraged our supporters to use filaments on the open market opening up the possibilities to an unlimited number of... Read More
Printer Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications Supports many different materials: ABS, PLA, ABS-r, Tough, Professional, Chameleon (Advanced Filaments such as Nylon and Wax, the Micro provides a temperature and capability to extrude them, should be done so only by expert... Read More
Software Available for Download
All stable and beta software can be found at the software page here or via This now includes MAC beta software. We will continue working on our Mac software over the upcoming weeks and months. Please feel free to... Read More
(Computer) System Requirements
  Software Minimum Recommended Windows OS Windows 7 [.NET Framework Version 4.5 or higher] Windows 8, 10[.NET Framework Version 4.5 or higher] MAC OS Mavericks (10.9) El Capitan (10.11)[newer patches may cause software issues]      ... Read More