Comparing The Micro to Other 3D Printers

The Micro 3D Printer became the most popular consumer 3D printer for many reasons. We did not create a cartridge system - instead we encouraged our supporters to use filaments on the open market opening up the possibilities to an unlimited number of materials and filament suppliers; we also sell micro spools which fit inside the printer for a lower cost, cleaner look, and portability; auto leveling ensures consistent prints; the Micro Motion sensor maintains high accuracy over time, allowing larger objects to be assembled from smaller pieces.

We can't compare The Micro to printers we haven't seen or tested ourselves. The specifications for The Micro are on our website here ( The comparison chart does not include our nozzle extrusion size, and industry leading 0.35mm, z resolution of 3 microns, and build area at the base of 4.3 x 4.4 inches, and total object height of 4.6 inches.

In addition to those things we designed The Micro with safety as a critical focus: The Micro is going to be certified for a full suite of international safety standards; the printer is light weight and without sharp edges; the heater system cannot overheat; the nozzle was designed so that small fingers won't pass below the extruder housing.

Combined our software that makes the Micro incredibly easy-to-use (no leveling, tinkering or maintenance required, no complex settings), all these features make the Micro a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

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