• Increased Bonding

  • Odorless

  • Lower Warp

ABS replacement

ABS-R™ is an ABS replacement filament for engineering needs that has increased bonding, lower warp, odorless and doesn’t require a heated print bed.

ABS has traditionally been the material of choice as standard engineering material, but due to its strong odor, poor bonding and tendency to warp, it has proven to be a difficult filament to finesse. ABS-R™ produces rigid objects with a softer feel than PLA, making it a more accessible alternative while still offering the same capabilities of ABS.

“Often hyped within the context of the digital revolution, people are buying 3D printers to explore this new technology and its creative applications, but they can run into limitations with today’s ABS and PLA as the standard printing material,” said Michael Armani, CEO at M3D. “Seeing all the benefits of Tough 3D Ink™ in our test groups suggests that it will be favored over traditional materials across nearly all applications, and ABS-R™ is set to become a mainstream alternative to traditional ABS filaments. That’s why we’re supporting both materials in early 2016 as our new core filaments for the Micro so that our users can find truly lasting applications.”