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Made for professionals who want reliable, large format printing, heated bed, US-based support, and advanced software options. Starting at $999, you get comparable features and options for a third of the price.

Affordable Large Format
3D Printer

Highlighted Features

Allows printing of flexible filaments like tough, set in brass/stainless steel to handle tough plastics and composites.

Geared direct drive with 12lb of pulling force

Print objects 7.5" tall or 7" x 7" wide. Outside dimensions: 10.5" cube.

Most Space Efficient 3D Printer

An next gen, tempered, heated glass surface provides consistant prints and easy removal of objects.

Heated Print Bed

Built Using Precision
Metal Parts

Made professionally to high tolerances - Aluminosilicate heated glass bed, Brass extruder core, brass leadscrews, stainless steel gears, and precision parts everywhere else.

Heated Bed

New heated bed technology uses 3 times less power than tradiitonal heated beds

Filament Storage

New spool design and improved internal port removes the need for an external spool holder.

Compatible with industry standard 1.75mm filaments, including particle filled and high-temp materials.(Max 270 deg; C)

3rd Party Filaments

Use a 750 micron nozzle to make parts as strong as their injection molded counterparts. Drill, tap, screw, and stress them to the limit.

Structural Printing Mode

Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s.

Fast Printing

Print Specs

Ultrafine nozzle 400 microns & other options are available.
X & Y-Axis Accuracy 6.5 Microns
Z-Axis Resolution 25-350 Micro Layers
Print Height 190.5mm (7.5")
Movement Speed Up to 120 mm/s
Print Base Area 177mm X 177mm (7.0" x 7.0")
Filament Prints with any 1.75 mm filament

Build Volume Diagram

Physical Dimensions

Printer Size It's a cube! 10.5" (266.7mm) per side.
Printer Weight 2.13kg (4.7lbs)

Software & Electrical

Supported Files .STL & .OBJ
Operating Systems Mac OSX, Windows & Linux
Power 100-240V AC to 9V DC Adapter

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Some advanced software features are in development.

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