"this machine is a winner that I can recommend it without reservation"
- Computerworld
"If you’re after a solid entry-level print-er, look no further."
- Digital Trends
"M3D’s campaign the largest ever on Kickstarter for a 3D technology proj-ect. (This, according to the people at Guinness World Records.)."
"When you try to define what a perfect consumer oriented 3D printer would look like, The Micro seems to fit that definition pretty well."
- 3DPrint.com
"M3D is sleek-looking, won’t take up nearly as much space, and through an extremely efficient design is actually able to provide a bigger print volume than the Simple Maker’s Kit.And, despite being half its size, the Micro has a similarly sized print volume to the Play 1505."

"...offers a one-year warranty (very rare in this price range)."

"...the Micro might be game-changing for sub-$500 printers (and beyond)"
- 3D Forged
“The first true consumer 3D printer to hit the market.”“The printer itself works right out of the box and requires no tinkering or adjusting prior to usage.”

“...the Micro is among the most affordable printers on the market”“...scores high marks for user-friendli-ness.”

“I was struck by the quality of the printer itself. The frame is solid and print quality is similar to printers at triple and quadruple the price point."
- 3D Printing Industry