Hot Prints for a Cool Summer

Hot Prints for a Cool Summer


There’s something about the warmer summer temperatures that makes people inherently want to unwind, not to mention the wonders it does for one’s mood after the harsh throes of winter. Perhaps it’s the increased sun exposure or maybe that the weather allows for the pursuit of people’s outdoor hobbies like gardening, camping and going to the beach. These can all be as stress free as possible (and fun!), while being relatively inexpensive when the necessary tools are printed at home with an M3D Micro 3D printer.


Here are a few ideas to inspire you this summer-


Gardening Tools – Whether you have a green thumb or not, a 3D printer can make the whole gardening process simpler. Between the sunshine and customized tools, there’s no reason to not grow your ideal garden. The below ideas are easy to create, and gardening enthusiasts can easily find the right files to produce the tools they need online using resources such as Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory. Check out some examples below of prints that sprout with utility.  


Watering Spout

Mark Edmondson/Thingiverse/Via


Seed Spacer

Alex English/Thingiverse/Via





Beach and Pool Tools – Start having fun before even arriving at the shore! Let the kids customize and create their favorite beach toys with the easy-to-use Micro. For a project that kids and adults will enjoy making and playing with, refer to the “toypedo” below.


Sand pail and shovels

Creative Tools/Impression 3D/ Via


Toy Boat

Creative Tools/Pinshape/Via



Patrick Bledsoe/Thingiverse/Via


Camping Tools – As a boy scout would say, “be prepared.” The idea is especially true as it relates to camping because you never know what challenges will be thrown at you while braving the elements in the great outdoors. Print some useful items using a Micro 3D printer like the ones shown below.


Utility Blade

Mutant Design/Pinshape/Via


Camping Rope Tightener

Tate Watkins/Thingiverse/Via


Fishing Rod

Casey Johnson/Thingiverse/Via


Stay Cool While Having Fun – For when the temperatures get a little too warm, break out these 3D-printed items to help you stay hydrated and cool through the often times merciless heat. Whether you’re in need of a fan to stave off the sun’s rays, or are simply looking for a way to keep your adult beverage cold while lounging on the sands (or even your backyard), these prints are the perfect way to do it!

Pocket Fan

Devin Sidell/GrabCad/Via

Reusable Water Bottle

Claire Pawlewitz/Thingiverse/Via


Bottle Holder



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