• Tough vs Tough 115A 3D Ink®

    Posted in Filament on Feb 19, 2018

    It’s a tough world out there for 3D printed models... especially for prints done in PLA, the most common filament type out there. Even with thicker walls and lots of infill, PLA prints are still rather brittle and subject to easy breaking, just due to the properties of the material itself. While we have no doubts PLA will remain a dominant player in 3D printing due to is low-cost pricing and easy printing attributes, know that there are other filament types out there, and for good reason. If you want to stop holding your breath every time your clumsy friend (or kid!) picks up one of your prints, then keep reading.

  • Selling Filament by the Length Matters

    Posted in Helpful, M3D Answers, Filament on Feb 07, 2018

    When M3D set out to produce our own filament 5 years ago, we thought about what was going into our material, how it was being made, and how we would sell it. Many people reading this post already know that we sell our 3D Ink according to length, which has always gone against the industry norm of selling filament by its weight. Why does M3D do that? Why the difference? Because it’s more honest.

  • What Makes M3D Filament So Great?

    Posted in News & Announcements, Cool, M3D Answers, Filament on Feb 01, 2018

    It is a known fact that M3D sells a large variety of filaments, among which are not only our special proprietary formulas like Tough 3D Ink and ABS-R, but also golden standards like PLA. So why buy filaments from M3D, one may ask, when there are so many other generic (and sometimes cheaper) brands? Well, the answer is simple!