• Micro 3D Printers: Building the Future at Home

    Posted in Guest Writer on Apr 03, 2017

    By T. Lucas McCarthy, University of Pittsburgh: "I found the information on M3D that I read during my research, and subsequent reading, to be fascinating. The point of the paper was to discuss innovations in our world and in particular within the field of engineering. [...] I see a huge segment for this product and can easily visualize the technology as a household device as much as the traditional printer, with major corporate implications as well."

  • The M3D Pro Update 7: Updates by Tier, Defer or Ship ASAP, Alphas

    Posted in News & Announcements on Mar 28, 2017

    We have progressed so far since launch and we want to thank you all for your support. There are some 11th hour issues still to be dealt with and we will be going over them below, but with Pros starting to move down the production line, a major milestone has been reached. With the first Alpha units shipping and the first combined tier of Kickstarter and Indiegogo early access surveys going out, we think it’s a moment to savor for a second. We are happy to report that all has been going according to plan, even though there were delays to the original timeline.

  • M3D's CEO Michael Armani on the Future of 3D Printing

    Posted in From the CEO on Mar 27, 2017

    This article is focused on the 3D printing industry and its anticipated trends going forward, as discussed by M3D's CEO Michael Armani. Michael compares 3D printers to monochrome 8-bit computers in terms of technological development, describes 3D printers of the future, and projects M3D's expansion into new fields.

  • M3D at SWSX, 3D Printed Shoes, Tough 3D Ink® and More

    Posted in Cool on Mar 14, 2017

    The M3D team travelled to Austin, TX for SXSW and wanted to share some of our favorite pictures. These shoes can be 3d printed in mass cheaply with today's technology and they're actually really comfortable. Is this a game changer? Will they be the next Jordan air? Looking out from our booth.

  • $199 Backer Rescue

    Posted in News & Announcements, From the CEO on Feb 23, 2017

    We are inviting backers that never got a reward from another creator to join the 3D printing community with a special offer.

  • The M3D Pro Update 6: Progress, Surprises, and Backer Survey

    Posted in News & Announcements on Jan 25, 2017

    We’ve been working hard to collect accurate and detailed information across all of our departments to give you this single January update. We have completed vetting and testing about 95% of the Pro’s components at production volume. The basic Pro firmware and software have been put in place, and we have seen the Pro complete good prints. This may sound simple, but in fact represents the culmination of all of the integration needed between the software, electronics, engineering, sourcing, and assembly teams. We now see that the core Pro engineering and electronics design are fundamentally finalized for full-scale production. This is despite us not having the all-important autocorrection feature enabled yet, which was in the plans to be finished around the time of the market tier release. We believe the Pro results will show themselves at their best in 2-3 months when the printer has most of its systems fully enabled and optimized.

  • Using 3D Printing to Make Strong Plastic Parts

    Posted in Helpful, M3D Answers on Jan 23, 2017

    Someone reached out to our M3D Pro community expressing interest in using a 3D printer for making spare parts for his veteran US car that are difficult to get. Replacements for the auto parts are likely to become one of the next frontiers for consumer 3D printing, especially for those looking to save (or even make) some money, as well as create parts that are otherwise not available on the market. We appreciate this application and just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share some tips on how to use filament (3D Ink) based 3D printing as a tool for making extremely strong plastic parts for hardware, anchoring, fixing, enclosures, etc.

  • Awesome 3D Prints Made by Micro 3D Users

    Posted in Cool on Jan 01, 2017

    The following are some of the prints shared by Micro 3D users on social media. Keep them coming!

  • M3D's Recommended 3D Design Software

    Posted in Helpful, M3D Answers on Dec 20, 2016

    Among the most popular questions that M3D's support team is receiving on a daily basis are those inquiring about 3D design and M3D's software capabilities. This article summarizes the functions of our M3D software and offers additional resources for users looking for extra features.

  • The M3D Pro Update 5: Status Update

    Posted in News & Announcements on Nov 30, 2016

    Greetings from the M3D team! We'd like to update everyone on the current status of your M3D Pro. At this time, we have over 110 parts at different stages in the pipeline. ALL of these parts are vetted, are fundamentally working, and are proven to be manufacturable. The majority of parts have been ordered in bulk and a few have already arrived! These parts are ordered in small batches and have to be shipped individually from each supplier. It is very important to us that each and every part is perfect so we can deliver a high quality product to you. We want to deliver the best Pro to everyone and, according to your feedback, that’s what you want too! To be able to do that, we need to get every part made by the manufacturers, rather than hand making them or painting SLS prototypes in house to get them to you sooner. What this means is that you'll be testing a unit that is very close to the final production units.