You’ll need 3D Ink to use with your Micro. These spools are designed to fit in under The Micro print-bed and work with any spool fed printer. Mix and match as many as you’d like for a variety of colorful prints. Each spool contains 250 feet or approximately 1/2 lb (225g) of plastic. You can print dozens of parts with one spool.

3D Ink (PLA) is the perfect material for highly detailed prints and is the goto material for most users. 3D Ink is made from PLA, a bio-degradable plastic which is safe for the environment because it can be made from renewable resources such as corn starch. PLA plastic has a faint honey-like odor (if any) and comes in a wide selection of colors. New and improved formula. Consistent extrusions & better bonding.

Chameleon 3D Ink™ is made from the same high quality materials as standard 3D Ink™, but with some added features! Chameleon 3D Ink changes to a rich white color when exposed to a specific temperature. Chameleon 3D Ink comes in 10 variations between 7 colors and 4 temperature modes.

Tough 3D Ink™ offers unprecedented utility for 3D printing due to its strength and controlled amount of rigidity and flexibility, allowing consumers to print longer-lasting objects fit for everyday tasks and projects. When compared to traditional filaments, which have a fraction of the bond strength and are typically brittle when printed, Tough 3D Ink™ is bonded at full strength.

ABS-R™ is an ABS replacement filament for engineering needs that has increased bonding, lower warp, odorless and doesn’t require a heated print bed. ABS-R™ produces rigid objects with a softer feel than PLA, making it a more accessible alternative while still offering the same capabilities of ABS.